beautiful wedding cake for the French tradionalists!

Le Wedding Cake

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   “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Love and Hate, War and Peace, Right Dress and Wrong Cake!

Undoubtedly, the emotional response to the perfect dress is one most Brides can attest to!  After trying on many, many, wedding gowns, a light goes off!  Voila! You just know you have the perfect dress for your perfect day! And, wedding cakes are the same way.

There are two things, oh wait un moment, three things that a Bride knows:

  • Groom
  • Wedding Gown
  • Wedding Cake

I’m not sure what it is, but somehow you have this symbiotique relationship  with the wedding gown, and (yes) cake!

Looking at very many cake pictures, then there is that one that just speaks your name, style, and is the right everything!  The groom may like it too, which makes it doubly perfect, and just like that you have “le wedding cake”!

Looking at the wedding cakes, once again, keep in mind that you can personalize it with your own style, if not design.  If something is meaningful enough to you, and your fiance, you could certainly include it.  Where many Brides take advantage of that is the wedding cake topper.  However first, it would be good to decide on the flavors, and colors.

After the formality of choosing the exterior of the cake, the taste of the cake becomes just as important! What should your cake taste like?  Chocolate, cream, or fruit?  Try to remember that extravagant tastes are not for everyone, quel dommage!  At this point just pretend being Queen, and act for the good of all the people; some times it’s the only way to keep one’s dignity!

This is a good suggestion by a bride:

“I just did my wedding cake this past weekend. I’m having a 3 tiered cake and I chose a different flavor for each tier. The first tier is white cake with strawberry filling. It was so good I was eating the strawberry filling by itself. lol The second tier is Italian Cream. The third tier is all vanilla. I’m going to do the traditional thing of freezing the top tier for a year and then pulling it out on my first year anniversary and eating it. My cake lady said I could come back to her in a year and get some filling for free from her if I want it”

Lladro makes beautiful porcelain figurines of the bride and groom.  The figurines also make a beautiful heirloom (for future generations), making it a new family tradition.  Another topper idea is the use of family pictures, after all they got you here, and it took beaucoup de love!  Including family is nice!

Shopping for the cake topper is an occasion also, and one that you can take your time about, except please pay attention to shipping times (and le oops, like broken during second class mailing)!

Therefore do not despair ma cherie, know that your cake will come, just the same way your Prince did!

Photos Merci Beaucoup:

Martha Stewart Weddings

Def Leppard lead guitarist Phil & Helen Collen

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Bride Cake Suggestion: yahoo answers – laniw13 best answer by asker 2009

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