Monogram Goom's Cake

Le Groom’s Cake! Y’all?

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This “new tradition” is for me, meaning that I found out about it rather recently!  Oui, according to Southern Brides this tradition dates back to Gone With The Wind (or maybe longer),  and the Groom’s Cake is part of  the culture.  Both my nephews married in the Southern United States, and each enjoyed a very handsome Groom’s Cake!

I like the fact the Groom’s cake tells a story about the Groom, and that becomes the theme of the cake.  I’ll quote this article from Online Weddings:

The Groom’s Cake Tradition

A long-standing tradition in the southern United States, a groom’s cake is a gift from the bride to the groom. Think back to a scene in “Steel Magnolias” where all the women are having a discussion about a red and gray cake in the shape of an armadillo. That armadillo was the groom’s cake Shelby was planning to give her husband-to-be.

What is a Groom’s Cake?

A groom’s cake is typically smaller than the couple’s wedding cake, one layer only, and is decorated to reflect a particular hobby or interest of the groom. or example, a hockey fan’s groom’s cake may be made in the shape and color of a hockey puck. The groom who enjoys shooting hoops could have a groom’s cake resembling a basketball. If the groom likes to strum a few tunes from time to time, then a guitar groom’s cake is perfect.

The history of a groom’s cake goes like this. The groom’s cake was not to be served to the guests while at the wedding reception, but rather it was to be sliced up, placed into packages and given to them as favors when they departed. Single women at the wedding would take their pieces of cake home and sleep with it under their pillows in hopes of dreaming of their future husbands.

So it is that Groom’s Cakes, have a long standing southern traditions. However, with more couples having destination weddings, many will be influenced
by local traditions, which adds to the merriment!

Now, the cake under the pillow (which I put in bold) sounds interesting! Can you imagine, just put your hand under the pillow for a midnight snack.  I imagine that would be a difficult part of the tradition, to uphold today! What do you think?

As a way to inspire, I’ve featured a selection of Groom’s Cakes!  If you have a special Groom’s Cake you would like me to feature, please email it to me, I would really enjoy doing that!

How nice for the Groom to have his own special tribute, by his new Bride, bisou!

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Monogram His and Hers Cake- Martha Stewart Weddings

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