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Rules De L’Engagement

Yes, even War has rules! How blase, boring, predictable, and almost deplorable! Which leads us to engagements.  Le ring, ‘le put a ring on it if you like it” (those Americains), heirlooms (very Francaise), le must, de rigueur, mandatory R-I-N-G!!

Chopard ring 1 Chopard jewelry: platinum ring for $ 7 million

Perhaps, this ring is a bit out of the ball park at Seven Million USD, but it does spell  L-O-V-E, and that’s what it’s all about! Really. There’ll  be cries of “too ostentatious”, but please remember that when you have your first child, not the ostentatious mon cheri, the cries! Being a Wife and Mother has to be amply rewarded, and whether you know it or not that is where le road is leading.

Alright, so maybe I am over doing it, there are many ways to make a committment. In some cultures, they don’t even use diamonds as a mandatory rule of engagement, non!

This absolutely breath-taking sapphire gem, surrounded by diamonds was given ,(at least one similar) to Lady Diana Spencer, and is forever engrained in our memories as attributed to her. Who wouldn’t be proud to flash this gem around?

The engagement of Prince Charles and Lady Diana was officially announced on  February 24th, 1981. Diana’s engagement ring was chosen from the collection of  the Royal jeweler, Garrard’s. The ring consisted of 14 diamonds surrounding an  18 carat sapphire, and was similar to her mother’s engagement ring.

The good news, you can buy this for yourself, and wear on the other hand, while your soul mate adjusts his GPS to find your door!  Who would know?  Who is going to say non, non, non!  A big sapphire, so blue just like your heart, until le soul mate appears. What if you marry le police officer, and it matches le uniform?  I say oui, oui, oui, how romantique!

And if you’re just tres chicken, well you get my drift, there is always le yellow diamond, known as canary yellow!  Yes, even a “cowardess” has merits. Some cultures do not ever use a pair, or tear, shaped diamond. They believe that a tear shape will bring sadness, and tears. I know I’d be crying a loooong time, if I got a diamond like that!  But alas, beliefs are beliefs, and who can argue with tradition, family, and heirlooms?

Antique, and heirlooms, have made a sentimental journey to the hands of many of  Brides.  The whole family is so proud, even perhaps contributing to global bliss!

Please do remember the groom, after all he usually starts it! Find out what he has always wanted,  a nice watch, chain, or money clip with your name on it; are all memorable engagement exchanges.

Yet, there are cultures that do not accept engagement rings, but give a wedding band as a promise of future betrothal.  On the wedding day, the band is put on the ring finger during the ceremony of both Bride and Groom.

And they lived happily ever after. (English)
Et ils vécurent heureux pour toujours.(French)
Y vivieron felices para siempre.(Spanish)
E vissero felici e contenti. (Italian)
και έζησαν ευτυχισμένοι μετά από ποτέ.(Greek)
Und sie lebten glücklich bis ans Ende.(German)

May you live, dream, and be happy ever after!  No matter what your culture (we can’t all be French)!

Oui, oui, oui, l’amour!

Note: Lady Diana was the Maiden title of  Diana, Princess of Wales, a title conferred   her upon marriage to Prince Charles, Duke of Edinburgh.  The Princess of Wales became an iconic figure both in society, and history, with humanitarian and charitable works internationally. “The People’s Princess”, or “The Queen of Hearts” was a name given to her by the British people, because of her concern for the everyday folk. She is someone to learn from, she was a compassionate, caring, and kind human being. I hope Diana, Princess of Wales, will always be remembered this way.

Images Merci: Bing Images

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